Winning the Queen’s Heart

Winning the Queen’s Heart


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About the Book

Christiana Elizabeth Marissa Abigail has been queen of Ravenzario since her family died in a horrific car accident when she was five. Her uncle acted as her regent until she was of age. In the last year, the uncovering of his duplicity shook the country’s faith in her – and her faith in herself. At least she is finally going to get to marry her secret boyfriend. Isn’t she?

American Alexander Bayfield has been in love with the queen of his adopted country for years. A chance conversation, one he wasn’t supposed to overhear, inserted him into Queen Christiana’s inner circle. For two years, he’s watched as her relationship with a man he knows to be evil progressed. The evidence to finally put him away for good has been uncovered and it’s up to Alexander to break the news to her.

The aftermath leaves Alexander as the only one Christiana can turn to, the only one who can protect her reputation and, more importantly, her heart. Will he be able to win it for himself, or will secrets from his past, paparazzi who tell stories before checking facts, and the long-reaching tentacles of her uncle’s empire keep them from finding love?


October 7, 2016-April 2, 2017


Main Characters
Secondary Characters
Tertiary Characters


Serenity Landing

Main Characters

Queen Christiana Elizabeth Marissa Abigail the First
Alexander, Duke of Testudines (Alexander Bayfield)

Secondary Characters

Poppo Engel
Christopher Bayfield
Robert Padovano
Lizbeth Bence
Princess Yvette of Mevendia
Tony Browning
Julia Quisenberry
Alex Quisenberry

Tertiary Characters

Prince Richard of Montevaro
Princess Ellie of Montevaro (Ellie Brewer)
David Engel
Nanny Engel
Annie Engel
Mr. & Mrs. Sanderford
Mr. & Mrs. Engel
Queen Adeline of Montevaro
Duke Charlemagne of Montevaro (Charlie Brewer)
Prince Malachi of Mevendia
Princess Jessabelle of Mevendia (Jessabelle Keller)
Prince Stephen Jedidiah Charlemagne Nicklaus
Lindsey Brewer


Pirate’s Island
Biansola Island
Baicampo Property
Whisper Cove
Convoy of Hope
Romance Readers & ‘Riters of Ravenzario
Have a Heart Fundraiser


Queen Christiana of Ravenzario was trying on her wedding dress, on she hated but her fiance loved, when Alexander Bayfield arrived with the news. Her fiance was planning to kill her on their honeymoon. Christiana orders her fiance thrown in prison. Faced with canceling the wedding and destroying her people’s already fragile trust in her, Christiana considers accepting the unexpected proposal from Alexander.

Alexander has been half in love with the queen of his adopted country for years and can’t stand to see her heart broken. After his sincere proposal, he spends the afternoon with her, greeting groups like the Royal Scouts, who are meeting with the queen.

Christiana meets Royal Scout David Engel and his Poppo. During her conversation with Poppo, he tells her that he’s been praying for her since that day, years earlier, when her parents, younger brother, and nanny were killed in a car accident. She accepts Alexander’s proposal.

The roof to the chapel on Alexander’s family’s wedding property, on nearby Biansola Island, has been damaged. Every royal wedding for centuries has been held in the chapel, but hers will be moved to the other facility on the property – a barn. The night before the wedding, Alexander officially proposes to Christiana using her mother’s engagement ring.