Book Wikis

CANDID Publications, Series 1

  1. Finding Mr. Write
    2. Finally Mr. Write
    3. Falling for Mr. Write

The Monarchies of Belles Montagnes, Series 2

  1. Good Enough for a Princess
  2. Along Came a Prince
  3. More than a Princess
  4. Hand-Me-Down Princess
  5. Winning the Queen's Heart
  6. Protecting the Prince (novella)
  7. Prince from her Past

Teachers of Serenity Landing, Series 3

  1. Gifts of Love
  2. Manuscripts & Mistletoe
  3. Premieres & Paparazzi

Serenity Landing Second Chances, Series 4

  1. Discovering Home
    2. Glimpsing Hope
    3. Reclaiming Hearts
Serenity Landing Tuesdays of Grace, Series 5
  1. Grace to Save

Serenity Landing Lifeguards, Series 6

  1. The Lifeguard, the New Guy, & Frozen Custard
    2. The Lifeguard, the Abandoned Heiress, & Frozen Custard

Crowns & Courtships, Series 7

  1. Dare You
  2. Heart of a Prince
  3. A Kærasti for Clari (novella)

Mallard Lake Township

  1. Bargains, Ballots, & the Bakery

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