The Lifeguard, the New Guy, & Frozen Custard

The Lifeguard, the New Guy, & Frozen Custard

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About the Book

Lifeguard Alivia Collins looks forward to another summer on the guard stand at the Serenity Landing Aquatic Center. Still smarting from the spectacular implosion of her last relationship, she knows she’s going to have to work to keep herself from falling hard for fellow guard, CJ Kenton. Not only is he cute, but she discovers he’s nothing like any other guy she’s ever known. Keeping her heart safe proves to be more difficult than she imagined when he continually shows her his tender, gentle side. Will he convince her it’s time to take another chance with love?

Previously titled The Lifeguards, the Swim Team, & Frozen Custard.



May-June 2016


Main Characters
Secondary Characters
Tertiary Characters


Serenity Landing

Main Characters

Alivia Collins
Clark “CJ” Kenton

Secondary Characters

Josh Wilson
Stephanie Wilson
Alyssa Wilson
Naomi Jamison
Adam Wilkerson
Morgan Kenton

Tertiary Characters

Laurie Kenton
Cassie Connealy-Harders
Julie “Grammy” Harders
Travis Harders


Serenity Landing Aquatic Center (SLAC)
Serenity Landing Community Center (SLCC)
Jamison Manor
Yocum Automotive
Serenity Landing Comedy Club
2 Cool 4 School
Andy’s Frozen Custard
Serenity Landing Equestrian Center
Grace Community Chapel


Alivia Collins is both a nanny and, during the summer, a lifeguard at the Serenity Landing Aquatic Center. She asks her boss, Josh Wilson, if it will be a problem for her to lifeguard again over the summer. He says it won’t be a problem, as long as she has one day off to watch the kids during Stephanie Wilson’s writer’s group meeting. Alivia, and Alyssa Wilson, explore Alyssa’s new Narnia-themed playroom.

She attends the annual meeting of SLAC employees. Adam and Hoppy give Alivia a hard time. Hoppy is getting ready to move to Kansas City, but needs to recertify as a guard. Heidi, the head of SLAC and Alivia’s friend, introduces Alivia to Clark “CJ” Kenton, a new guard who just moved to the area. Heidi assigns CJ and Adam to Alivia’s group.