Protecting the Prince (novella)

Protecting the Prince


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About the Book

The Monarchies of Belles Montagnes
Book 6: Ravenzario

This is a novella of about 35,000 words that comes between books 5 and 7 in the Brides of Belles Montagnes series.

Tony Browning has worked for the Ravenzarian royal family since he was fifteen. The day after he took over as head of security, the king’s sabotaged vehicle went over a guard rail, killing all inside. Or so everyone has always believed. Tony has discovered the prince, now grown, and his nanny may have survived. He uses decades old data to try and track them down – and make up for the tragedy that has haunted him all these years..

Michaela Engel has spent eighteen years keeping Prince Nicklaus’s identity secret – and keeping him safe from the threats that haunt their every step. It’s nearly time to tell her charge who he really is and return him to their homeland.

Before they can leave, Michaela and Nicklaus find themselves on the run once again. This time they find a new friend, one with a background in security, who’s willing to help them stay safe. Michaela finds herself falling for Anthony, but can she trust him with her heart when they’re done Protecting the Prince?

This is the same novella that was offered free to newsletter subscribers in December 2015 and January 2016.

(Previously labelled book 3 in The Brides of Belles Montagnes series)


May-June 2017


Main Characters
Secondary Characters
Tertiary Characters
Businesses, etc


Sovereign Commonwealth of Athmetis
Boaz, LA
Edwardsville, IL
Mallard Lake Township

Main Characters

Tony Browning
Michelle Metcalf/Michaela Engel
Nicholas Metcalf/Prince Nicklaus David Richard Antonio

Secondary Characters

Queen Christiana
Rex Cromer
Alexander Bayfield
Eve, Princess Yvette

Tertiary Characters

Henry Eit
Tessa (dated Nick)
King Richard
Norma Jean
Betty Sue
Elderly neighbor
Jonathan Langley-Cranston IV

Businesses, etc.

Mallard Lake Inn
Mallark Lake Resort and Recreation Area
Antique Shop
Quilt Store
Swim & Ski Shop
Millie’s Bakery
Pirate’s Island
Mallard Lake Zip Lines


Tony Browning, head of security for Queen Christiana of Ravenzario, visits the Sovereign Commonwealth of Athmetis trying to find clues to the whereabouts of Michaela Engel and Prince Nicklaus, both believed by most to have been swept away in the river after the car accident that claimed the lives of King Richard and Queen Marissa. His taxi driver, Rex, directs Tony to his yaya. Yaya tells how Michaela and Prince Nicklaus hid in her courtyard for some time after they left Ravenzario. He follows their trail to Boaz, Louisiana where he learns they may be in the St. Louis area.

Michaela and Nicklaus, living under the names Michelle and Nicholas Metcalf, return from a cruise Nicholas gave Michelle for Christmas the year before. Michelle tells him they may have to move again soon. Nicholas isn’t happy about it, but also doesn’t know the full story. She begins to make plans. When one of her friends from Boaz calls, they drop everything and leave for Minnesota. After taking a circuitous route, they arrive in Mallard Lake Township and begin to set up a new life. Michelle tells Nicholas a little bit about their former lives – he has a sister and about the accident. She promises to answer any questions he has after their trip to Europe for his 21st birthday in a month.

Tony stakes out their house, but is confronted by an elderly neighbor. With the help of a security team member employed by Jonathan Langley-Cranston, he gets into the house and discovers their next destination. Michelle has begun working at her friend Brianna’s bakery. Tony runs into her there and strikes up a conversation that turns into a fledgling relationship. They go for a walk and plan a date. They both plan to order quilts as gifts – Tony for the birth of the next heir and Michelle for the wedding she knows is coming between Prince Nicklaus and Princess Yvette of Mevendia.

Nicholas and Tony have a discussion at the cafe where Tony manages to get a hold of Nicholas’s glass to have his DNA tested. Rather than going out, he makes brinner for Michelle and Nicholas at the home Brianna has loaned them.