Prince from her Past

Prince from her Past


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About the Book

The Monarchies of Belles Montagnes
Book 7: Mevendia & Ravenzario

Princess Yvette of Mevendia has been engaged since before her first birthday. Thanks to the ridiculous contract her father signed, the engagement is still intact and the wedding set to occur a week after her eighteenth birthday, even though the groom’s been dead for over seventeen years.

Or has he?

Prince Nicklaus of Ravenzario and his nanny narrowly escaped death when a car accident claimed the lives of his parents. Raised in hiding in the United States, and recently informed of his royal heritage, Nicklaus has returned to the land of his birth just in time for his wedding.

Nicklaus finds himself attracted to Princess Yvette, but is that enough to go through with the wedding? Or will he suffer banishment not only for himself, but the nanny who raised him and the fiance he’s only just met? Despite his tall, dark, and handsome appeal, Yvette isn’t sure she wants to go through with the wedding – but she really doesn’t want to be exiled either. She prefers to be proactive, to go after what she wants, but this time, the princess finds her future, her chance at happiness, in the hands of the prince from her past.

(Previously labeled book 4 in The Brides of Belles Montagnes series)


July-August 2017


Main Characters
Secondary Characters
Tertiary Characters
Businesses, etc


Erres, Mevendia
Pagosa, Ravenzario
Zarifan, Ravenzario
Edwardsville, IL
Serenity Landing, MO

Main Characters

Princess Yvette Alexandra Charlotte Abigail
Prince Nicklaus David Richard Antonio

Secondary Characters

Michaela Engel
Nana Yvette
Tony Browning
Lizbeth Diane Bence Padovano
Robert Padovano
Queen Christiana
Alexander Bayfield
King Antonio
Queen Alicia
Prince Malachi
Princess Jessabelle
Henry Eit
Jonathan Langley-Cranston
Christopher Bayfield
Protocol Minister
Prince William

Tertiary Characters

King Richard
Queen Marissa
King Jedidiah
Queen Adeline
Prince Richard of Montevaro
Princess Charlotte – daughter of Malachi and Jessabelle
Matt Markinson
Dr. Jonah Fontaine, Duke of Pantiori
Princess Anastasia of Montevaro
Marie & Guiseppe
Lord Peter of Gregorson
Princess Victoria Abigail Amelia Grace
Prince David
Prince Luke
Prince Richard
Princess Gisele
Josh Wilson
Stephanie Wilson
Alyssa Wilson
Travis Harders
Princess Beatrice

Businesses, etc.

2 Cool 4 School
Royal Commonwealth of Belles Montagnes
Van Rensselaer Accord Jewels
Cabo-Juan Eduardo, San Majoria
Orphanage in Ravenz-by-the-Sea
Ravenzarian Independence Day (celebrated second Saturday in July)
Grace Community Chapel
Ravenzario Historical Museum


Princess Yvette is planning a wedding to a man who’s been dead for well over a decade. On her birthday, a week before the wedding, she’s woken up early to meet with Queen Christiana who is in Mevendia unexpectedly. Yvette staggers and nearly passes out at the revelation that Nicklaus is alive. During breakfast, Nana Yvette, the king’s grandmother and Yvette’s great-grandmother, surprises everyone with her knowledge that Nicklaus had likely survived the accident that claimed the lives of his parents.

After learning she, Nicklaus, and Michaela – the nanny who saved then raised Nicklaus – will be exiled if the wedding does not take place, Yvette runs to the solarium to hide. Nicklaus follows her. He asks her to have dinner with him later that night. They go to meet with her father, King Antonio. After dismissing Yvette, the king tells Nicklaus about how he’d been unfaithful for many years and how steep the cost was. He tells Nicklaus that if he goes through with the wedding, there will be no infidelity.

Lizbeth Bence arrived to go over wedding plans, but is not told about Nicklaus. Yvette dresses up for dinner with Nicklaus. Her father gives her a necklace for her birthday. She meets Nicklaus on the balcony. They talk about the beauty of the night sky and a little about Nicklaus’s growing up years. Nicklaus decides he’ll marry Yvette. Before he can tell her, the conversation moves on. Nicklaus tells her he made dinner himself, and they talk more about his life and how they moved around. He tells her there were pictures of “Eve” around the house, the girl his parents wanted him to marry. Yvette tells him that she used to skate around the ballroom in her socks with Malachi and sneak through passages to watch balls. She snuck up there during the Christmas Eve ball and wondered if anyone would look at her like her father now looked at her mother. Nicklaus asks her to dance and understands she’s not afraid to get married, but she’s afraid of a marriage of convenience and that he’d never look at her like that. He kisses her. Nicklaus tells Yvette he doesn’t want Michaela to be exiled. She asks him to take her with him if he doesn’t go through with the wedding. He gives her a birthday present Michaela always told him was for Eve. It’s the Van Rensselaer Accord Jewels which should be hers when they marry. He seeks advice from his sister, Queen Christiana, and her husband, Alexander Bayfield, then Prince Malachi the next day.

Nicklaus seeks out Yvette and they discuss their expectations for marriage. He kisses her again. He says he’ll marry her, but mostly so no one gets exiled. He tells King Antonio he’ll be at the wedding. They attend the rehearsal where Lizbeth finds out Nicklaus is alive. After a mishap in the ballroom on the Baicampo Property, they move the ball to the palace. Lizbeth discusses the wedding with her secret husband, Robert Padovano, but can’t tell him about Nicklaus. The day of the wedding finds the venue full to overflowing with guests there for the “train wreck” aspect of it. Nicklaus’s new assistant, Alfred, helps him get ready. He visits with Michaela for a few minutes. They get married. He gives her the Van Renssalaer Jewels in a side room, then proposes. They’re pronounced the Duke and Duchess of Berkleyshire by Christiana and Simonetti by Antonio. They go to the mainland and ride in a carriage along a parade route. When they arrive at the palace, Nicklaus arranges for a private moment for her to relax briefly. They kiss for the crowd then take increasingly intimate wedding pictures, not stiff and formal like he’d expected they’d be.

The reception is somewhat abbreviated and they go to Nicklaus’s new quarters. After exploring, they have dessert, then kiss before deciding to consummate the marriage. Lizbeth and Robert discuss Nicklaus’s return and her father when he calls demanding her presence. Nicklaus and Yvette decide on a Mediterranean cruise for their honeymoon. They have breakfast with their families. They meet with Michaela before boarding the Ravenzarian yacht and head for a rendezvous with the Mevendian yacht. Michaela gives them the quilt she had commissioned. Yvette beats Nicklaus as they swim from one yacht to the other. They spend a week at sea. Nicklaus has a nightmare that wakes Yvette. They’re summoned home where they discover Henry Eit switched the DNA samples. Nicklaus and Christiana are full siblings, but it doesn’t match the official sample for Nicklaus from childhood. They sit down for their first interview with Matt Markinson. They begin to plan a documentary about how Nicklaus and Michaela escaped. Nicklaus has another nightmare. Lizbeth and Robert discuss a diplomatic trip on behalf of King Antonio and the Mevendian government. They suspect the king knows about them.

Nicklaus and Yvette make their first official appearance at the orphanage in Ravenz-by-the-Sea. Nicklaus arranges for a move to a different suite in the palace. Lizbeth asks Yvette for help finding out how she can protect herself and her inheritance from her father. Nicklaus, Yvette, and Michaela begin shooting the documentary and visit the site of the crash and their first hiding spot. Back at the palace, Yvette confronts Nicklaus about moving their quarters without telling him. They discover a secret room in the turret of their new quarters. Yvette tells Lizbeth she hasn’t found anything yet. Yvette and Nicklaus attend the Ravenzarian Independence Ball. Exhausted, Yvette falls asleep while Nicklaus gives her a foot rub. Later, they sneak into the ballroom and skate around on their socks. Nicklaus has another nightmare, remembering more about their flight from Ravenzario. Yvette wonders if there’s a way to use Y-chromosomes to prove Nicklaus is descended from the same Mevendian prince her family is. Nicklaus sleeps in another room to avoid bothering Yvette. She hears him having a nightmare and goes to him. He hits her with his elbow when he wakes up.

Appalled by what he did, Nicklaus manages to sneak off and returns to the States using his Nicholas Metcalf ID. He returns to Edwardsville, IL, the most recent home he and Michaela shared. He’s confronted by a girl he dated a few times but brushes her off. Michaela shows up and reads him the riot act. Lizbeth and Robert meet with his lawyer, who tells them she is a very wealthy woman and her father can’t control the funds like he’s said he could, but they do have some legal hoops to jump through. Christiana and Yvette talk about why Yvette was left behind. Yvette discovers the diary of original owner of the Van Rensselaer Accord Jewels, Princess Victoria Abigail Amelia Grace. Alexander tells Nicklaus he can go home or to Serenity Landing for a few days. Nicklaus remembers more about the escape. Jessabelle and Malachi realize they met “Michelle” and “Nick” when they were in the States. Lizbeth’s father tries to have her inheritances stripped away from her. Nicklaus spends time with Jonathan Langley-Cranston at his home in Serenity Landing. Nicklaus goes shopping at the local mall and is cornered then kissed by a random woman. Yvette tells her father about Nicklaus’s nightmares and that she thinks he and Michaela almost died in the river. Nicklaus goes to church with Jonathan and decides it’s time to go home. He diverts to Mevendia because that’s where Yvette is. He tells her about the woman who kissed him. She explains her relationship with Malachi and Jessabelle.

Lizbeth tells the king about her father, and how her father cleared out the bank accounts he wasn’t supposed to have access to. Michaela tells Nicklaus, Yvette, and Tony more about their escape and how close they came to not making it. The accusation is made that Nicklaus and Lizbeth are having an affair. Nicklaus and Yvette attend an event at the Ravenzario Historical Museum. Nicklaus gives his first official speech. Yvette realizes she’s fallen in love with him.

Nicklaus is called to testify in court about the alleged affair with Lizbeth Bence. Lizbeth testifies to her married status and that she never had an affair with Malachi or Nicklaus as accused by her father. She accuses her father of trying to manipulate her into an affair with a married man to gain her inheritance. When her father’s evidence falls apart, her lawyer believes it’s over. Nicklaus and Yvette plan to continue their honeymoon. Lizbeth’s father confronts the king, believing he had something to do with the loss in court. He claims to have evidence that the king is Lizbeth’s father. Mr. Bence produces an audio recording. After only a few, relatively innocuous, seconds the king declares it fabricated. Mr. Bence tries to attack the queen but is tackled by Nicklaus. He’s arrested.

Nicklaus and Yvette leave, but are kidnapped. Nicklaus escapes but Yvette is unable to. Yvette realizes Mr. Bence is her captor, having been released by a minor noble Yvette met before. Nicklaus realizes he left his phone in the car, but makes it back to the palace. Robert tells them Lizbeth has been kidnapped. Yvette and Lizbeth are transported to the rail station north of Erres. Nicklaus worries and has a long talk with Nana Yvette. Nana Yvette tells them there are corridors big enough for cars in the walls surrounding the palace property. Yvette and Lizbeth find themselves in a shipping container moved by rail then boat. The media and people are told about the kidnapping. Lizbeth tells Yvette she’s pregnant. They’re left in an empty office in Zarifan, Ravenzario. Yvette uses Nicklaus’s phone to find Poppo’s address. They manage to climb out a window and leave the docks. They arrive safely at Poppo’s house sometime later. Nicklaus, Robert, Tony, and other security team members leave for Poppo’s. Nicklaus runs to Yvette and realizes how much he loves her. Later, after discussion with Tony about the kidnapping, Yvette and Nicklaus admit their feelings to each other.

They leave to finish their aborted honeymoon. Nicklaus tells her the ring was Princess Victoria’s. They watch the documentary together. Tony and Michaela announce their engagement. Matt Markinson announces the results of the DNA testing, conclusively proving Christiana and Nicklaus are who they are supposed to be.