Heart of a Prince

Heart of a Prince


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About the Book

Crowns & Courtships
Book 1: Royals of San Majoria

Canadian Jordan Haines is on vacation in the Caribbean. After the summer he’s had, a couple months of fun in the sun is just what the doctor ordered. What he didn’t count on was meeting a beautiful woman on a private beach – or falling hard.

Crown Princess Astrid of San Majoria seems to lead a charmed life. Just like everyone, there’s tragedy in her past, but she lives in a palace, has aides to do everything – and paparazzi hounding her private moments. Her sanctuary on her family’s beach is broken one day when a tired windsurfer takes refuge in her cove – and works his way into her heart.

But it’s just a summer fling, isn’t it?

After all, Jordan will be returning to Canada before long, won’t he?

When pictures of the two of them, and what looks like an engagement ring, appear in the tabloids, they have to deal with fallout – and the beginnings of a real relationship. Secrets kept become hearts broken as they try to discover if Jordan really has the heart of a prince.


July-August 2017


Main Characters
Secondary Characters
Tertiary Characters
Businesses, etc


Cabo Juan-Eduardo, San Majoria
Aberswyth Hall
Akushla, Eyjania
Minorian Palace on San Minoria, San Majoria
Baicampo Property, Biansola Island, Ravenzario

Main Characters

Astrid Sofia Hannah Esther, Crown Princess of San Majoria
Jordan Haines 
Sofia Andrea Estelle Brigitte, Princess of San Majoria

Secondary Characters

Andrei Barnes
Dare Weaver
Betsy Haines Weaver
Queen Mother Grace
King Edward
Queen Miriam
Gretchen Lynch
King Benjamin
Dr. Catherine Lyttleton

Tertiary Characters

Queen Carlotta, Islas del Sargossa
Andrei (child)
Prince Kensington
Princess Jacqueline Grace
Princess Esther
Prince Harrison

Businesses, etc.

San Majoria Turtle Sanctuary
San Majorian Revolution
Akushla Ice Rink
San Majorian Children’s Hockey League/San Majorian Mini Majorian Hockey League
Cabo Juan-Eduardo General Hospital


Prologue: Crown Princess Astrid of the Cordovan Dynasty of San Majoria marries the love of her life, Andrei, in a royal wedding. For the next eighteen months, they put their stamp on the royal family. On their way home from an event, their car is broadsided. Astrid survives with only a small scratch, but Andrei is pronounced brain dead the next day. In a difficult decision, Astrid decides to donate his organs. Though her father generally prefers the family to keep a stiff upper lip, he loves Astrid as only a father can as she says goodbye to the love of her life.

Canadian Jordan Haines knows his body’s limits, and he’s reached them while wind surfing. Despite warnings about a private beach, he stops at a small cove anyway. Before long, he’s joined by a wealthy, elegant woman who’s having a very bad day. She tells him her name is Sofia and that this is her family’s beach, but refuses to tell him why the day is a difficult one for her. He tells her that he’s visiting her country because his little sister just married his best friend after dating for only a few days. He’s a bit out of sorts and not sure where to go next with his life.

Though Astrid’s father and security teams aren’t crazy about a stranger on the beach, she convinces them via text to leave them be. A background check is started. Jordan asks her out, but instead she invites him back to her beach the next day.

Two weeks later, they’ve spent several hours a day together most days. This time when Jordan shows up, they take a yacht to an island about forty-five minutes away. While there, they fight a “war” with Islas del Sargasso. Similar to the Whiskey War between Canada and the Dutch/Greenland over Han Island, San Majoria and Islas del Sargasso take turns raising their own flag and leaving tchotchkes for the other country to find. The background check has come back clean, as expected, so they are allowed to spend time alone without the eyes of security on them. She tells him her name isn’t Sofia, but won’t tell him what it really is. They share their first kiss.

The next week, Astrid goes to visit a local hospital. She bemoans her beige outfit and wishes she could dress more colorfully. She meets a little boy named Andrei. Andrei’s mother explained that she and the boy’s father shared a wedding day with Astrid, though they married in Ravenzario. Jordan spends a day on the beach where he’s staying, taking his shirt off in public for the first time in a very long time. A kind stranger helps him with sunscreen.