Discovering Home

Discovering Home

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About the Book

Jonathan William Langley-Cranston IV has come to terms with the idea that he just might remain single and childless for the rest of his life. It’s not his first choice, but it seems to be what God has for him, at least for now. Until a chance encounter with a familiar face changes his outlook.

MacKenzie Davidson has been a single mom since before her daughter was born. Just once, she’d love not to worry about losing her job or what will happen if her fledgling yarn dyeing business doesn’t take off. A stormy night and flooded road bring the straws that finally break the back of her independent streak.

Her knight-in-shining-SUV comes in the form of American royalty. She’s read enough of the tabloids to know that’s how Jonathan’s family is seen and knows she can’t begin to measure up.

But when he puts everything aside to help her, her daughter, and her now-floundering business, she begins to wonder. Jonathan quickly comes to believe he’s found everything he’s looking for. Will they find their way to each other or will they be ripped apart before discovering home?


July-August 2017


Main Characters
Secondary Characters
Tertiary Characters


Serenity Landing, Missouri
Spring Meadow, Missouri
Trumanville, Pond Creek County, Missouri
Lydia House, Montevaro
Erres, Mevendia

Main Characters

Jonathan Langley-Cranston IV
MacKenzie Davidson
Lorelai Davidson

Secondary Characters

Gwendolyn Cranston-Schmidt
Adam Wilkerson
Alyssa Wilson
Stephanie Wilson
Alivia Collins

Tertiary Characters

Nadine Langley-Cranston
Mr. Cranston
Nana Langley
Grandmama Cranston
Travis Harders
Cassie Connealy-Harders
Show-Me Yarn ladies
Josh Wilson
CJ Kenton


So Cheezzzzy
Sam’s Club
Serenity Landing Home & Garden
Spring Meadow Family Cafe


Jonathan finds a small dog in the woods. He takes it to the vet, then Walmart where he runs into a woman he danced with at a wedding two years earlier and her daughter. MacKenzie Davidson and her daughter, Lorelai, talk with Jonathan, and Lorelai names the dog Mr. Benny Hercules.

As they return home, Kenzie and Lorelai are swept off the road by flood waters. With no one else to call, Kenzie calls Jonathan to ask for help. He takes them to her small house not far away only to find it flooded. Jonathan, with help from Josh Wilson and his employees, move everything out of Kenzie’s house and take it to Jonathan’s house where Kenzie and Lorelai will be staying.