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Welcome and 4/29 Update


Hey everyone! I hope you enjoy this new site – I know I’ll find it quite handy when I need to look stuff up ;).

But it’s VERY DEFINITELY a work in progress!

For now, I’m focusing on the Book Wikis – character and location/misc lists and summaries. By the time you see this, I hope to have all of Belles Montagnes done as well as the first two books in Serenity Landing Second Chances. If they’re not… they’re coming :p. I have the info all there, just need to type it up. Detailed timelines for those are also coming – hopefully this week.

There are spoilers EVERYWHERE! Seriously. This is so NOT a spoiler free zone! The idea is to allow y’all (and me!) to go back and brush up on who someone is or read the synopses of books prior to the next one coming out. Things like that. If you run across a character or location you don’t remember and just want to look that up, you can go straight to the glossary. They’re all there in alphabetical order and characters/locations/etc. are all mixed together. (At least for the books that have their wikis done – as each wiki gets completed – those will pop up in the glossary.)

Currently, a number of characters and locations that will eventually have their own wikis are “just” glossary entries – you can hover over them, but not get as much detail as you eventually will with the wiki entries (Queen Adeline of Montevaro, for instance, doesn’t yet have her own wiki page, but should have a glossary entry – she will have a wiki…just not yet…)

If there’s a subsection or something else you’d like to have included that isn’t, send me an email at books at candidpublications dot com :). I can’t promise it’ll happen, but I do want to know what y’all want to see, too.

Thanks for stopping by! See you soon!