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That said… it’s a work in progress :p. I’m adding books as they release and doing my best to have relevant prequel-y books done at the same time (so Hand-Me-Down PrincessProtecting the Prince, and Prince from her Past will hopefully be done by the time Reclaiming Hearts releases – since those are Prince William’s siblings).

Why these domains? MyBingeFlix and HEA-TV are my universe’s versions of Netflix/Hulu and Hallmark Channel, so it seemed fitting ;). Both domain addresses come here, but if one is easier to remember than the other, you’re still good :D.

Check out this post for more details about where the site’s at right now!

And it should go without saying but…


There are spoilers ALL OVER this website! So if you haven’t read a book yet, or are only partway through a series, be careful not to look too closely at books/etc. that come after you’ve read. I’ve done my best to use “click to see more” wherever possible to help prevent unintentional spoilers, but I can’t promise you won’t accidentally run into some.

So, enjoy! And please be patient!

Thanks so much!